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James Hickey advertising photographer

James Hickey

Country: United States
City: Los Angeles

About: Professional Los Angeles photographer James Hickey creates artistic fashion and lifestyle images with unique style. These are often identified with vivid color, and expression. The images tell stories and ideas of people who are full of beauty and life. more »
Richard Reinsdorf advertising photographer

Richard Reinsdorf

Country: United States
City: Los Angeles

About: Richard Reinsdorf is a Los Angeles based photographer creating images for leading advertising campaigns, magazine editorials and beauty shoots. more »
Javier Galue advertising photographer

Javier Galue

Country: Spain
City: Madrid

About: 17 years doing pro photography, working for companies, models, advertisement, etc. more »
Dirk Bader advertising photographer

Dirk Bader

Country: Germany
City: Munich

About: Right after completing his communication design studies Dirk moved to New York. There he became the assistant to David LaChapelle for nearly three years before he continued to work as freelance assistant to Piter Lindbergh. more »
Maurizio Melozzi advertising photographer

Maurizio Melozzi

Country: Italy
City: Trieste

About: Maurizio Melozzi was born in Trieste, photographer interested mainly in portraits, he works for the fashion world. The base of his work is between Milan and Florence. more »
Dirk Franke advertising photographer

Dirk Franke

Country: United States
City: Miami Beach

About: Dirk Franke - Photographer for fashion, beauty, lifestyle & advertising. Based in Miami Beach and New York, available for assignments worldwide. more »
Stephane Bourson advertising photographer

Stephane Bourson

Country: France
City: Paris

About: more »
Andrea Massari advertising photographer

Andrea Massari

Country: Italy
City: Rome

About: I was born in Rome on 31st January of 1974, but I've spent my childhood in Sao Paulo, Brazil ... it was wonderfull! more »
Bruno Sabastia advertising photographer

Bruno Sabastia

Country: France
City: Paris

About: Bruno started with still life but was soon drawn to beauty. more »
Gavin O'Neill advertising photographer

Gavin O'Neill

Country: United Kingdom
City: London

About: Gavin O'Neill, 38yrs, born in New Zealand. Working in London/NY. Specialising in beauty, editorial, catalog, and mens magazine work. more »
Advertising Photographer 21-30 Result Page: 1 2 3 4 5
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